Tie-saster or not?

One of the potential costs of putting together a bag of clothes to take to the gym the night before is that you don't have that final glance in the mirror before entering the public sphere. I mean, maybe (read, probably) most folks are better at visualizing what a final ensemble will look like. However, I can barely pair a tie and a shirt, let alone make sure the pants and shoes all coordinate. I usually need the last check over to make sure I don't look like I've just escaped some sort of group home.

So, sometimes tie-shirt combos seems like a brilliant idea at midnight, in the haze of inattention and near-food-coma from late night Taco Bell. And then the next day, I get ready to tie my tie, see myself in a mirror and think, "huh, that's an odd decision." Of course, at that point, I'm already late for work and don't really have many options other than just acting like I meant it all along. [That's what most bold fashion is, right? The stance that what you've got rocks, regardless of reality.]

All this leads up to this: gingham and snails. I'm not sure that it works. I'm also not sure that it doesn't work. So, I present it for you. Thoughts?

*Also, taking this picture made me realize my tie has been on upside down ALL day. I am mortified right now.