Unwavering support

I am a total brand loyalist. About some things, at least. For instance, I have used the same deodorant (Old Spice, french scent, solid) since I was about 16. I prefer, if ever possible to only write with Zebra Sarasa gel pins (they are retractable and the tube is thinner and thus more pleasant to hold). My toothpaste is Crest Regular Paste (which, irritatingly, has packaging identical to the mint gel version, a fact I learned to my distress when I was home over Christmas). If I could, all my shoes would be Børns (though, obviously I'm not too loyal here, as I'm regularly drawn to the purchase of other shoes, though they almost all LOOK like Børns, so that's something). In the soda department, my cola is Coke, no questions asked. I have probably told more people to buy this bag than many employees of MEC (and, in fact, have been directly involved in it being purchased for my mom, my sister and my brother. It really can hold an amazing amount of stuff. Seriously). On my trip home, I packed my three favorite pairs of pants, and realized they were all Banana Republic AND managed to buy two more pairs from Banana while I was home.

In other words, I am a pretty good target for advertisers. If you give me a product I like, I will continue to buy that product for years and try to convince others to buy it, too. I can be very enthusiastic about things that are, generally, not all the exciting, so my fervor is not necessarily hampered by a boring product (I really ought to be more embarrassed by the number of people I have urged to buy Benefiber, for example).

So, today, when I saw El Monterey frozen burritos at the grocery store, I got so excited about them that I had to buy an eight pack. However, it was only when I got home that I remembered that I don't actually have a microwave. Apparently my thrill outweighed my logical functioning. Which was surely also hampered by going to the store right after the gym in the morning without eating (this fact also explain my purchasing of Little Debbie snack cakes and Hostess Cupcakes).

It turns out you can cook the burritos in the oven, but it takes almost 30 minutes. Who is capable of planning their hunger that far ahead? I certainly am not. So, I might just have to break down and find a cheap microwave. Of course, I'll also have to magically get more counter space, too, if I do. But, it'd really be a shame to let those burritos go to waste. And, hey, maybe I'll find my preferred small electrics brand in the process, too.