Getting Confronted For It

So, I actually really like country music. I have no shame in this fact. One of the reasons I like it is the space and voice it offers for its female singers to be angry and disappointed without sounding shrill or whingy. And, what's more, it's done this for a long time. Also, I'm not a fanboy of hers, but I do like Reba well enough.

However. And this is a big however. For reasons that still elude my imaginings, Reba decided to cover Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy". If this already weren't strange enough, both were singles with their own music video. Beyonce's, though "conceptually similar to American comedy film Freaky Friday,"* actually seems to be a sort of clever take on the song and its message. Reba's however, is just here in a green dress. Not sure what, precisely, the message there is. Which is weird, because if there's one thing Reba is not afraid of, even a little bit, it is the story music video. I mean, you've seen "Fancy," right, where Fancy is in a car driving to her childhood home? Or even better something like "Every Other Weekend," in which neither of the two singers ever appear? So, really, I've no idea what's afoot here (other than maybe something about her life being empty because he's not paying attention to her in the right ways). But,  you should probably watch both and puzzle this out with me.

*I love Wikipedia, not least for statements like this.