Not so much a flood as a really big stockpot

Of the many, many things I like, there are some common themes.

I like things made out of wood. I like things that are described, accurately, as "miniature". I like toys. I like Noah's Ark.

So, what if there were something that combined all of this? Well, dear reader, behold:

It this were also somehow scented of rising yeast, I would probably die upon contact with it. From sheer pleasure overload.

It is from Etsy. Since somebody should buy this for me you can do so here. Or I could just buy it for myself. Except that I keep spending money I don't have. And, spending 125 bucks for one toy seems a bit excessive compared to the 10 buck books I keep buying (as if I need more books! Sigh...) [Also, the Trojan horse is totally adorable, too!]