Too much time at a reference desk


I got an email from my sister today in which she mentioned starting out yoga. She knew that I have done it for a while and was wondering how I learned (I use a collection of books). In my response, I not only provided significant bibiliographic information about the books that would make subsequent finding easy, I added the links to Amazon for her as well. If this is indicative of anything, it's that I already think way too much in librarian mode.

This same sister, when asking us sibs in a general email if we had heard a certain cd and wanting to know why it was explicit received from me a general description of why cds got the explicit labels (sources cited, of course) and a useful redaction of the Amazon user review's that explained what, in particular, caused this cd to warrant the black box.

Should a question of any sort come up while chatting with friends in a computer lab (in person or virtually), I'll take the time to seek out the requisite information. Like mentioning that Elvis own a Book of Mormon. Clearly my friend needed a source for that. Or debating whether Philadelphia or Boston has colder winters, the gut feelings are simply insufficient. Quick, to informationplease!

I wonder if other people find this sort of insistence on more and more information charming or just irritating. I'm going to say charming.


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