six things I noticed/learned while at Lagoon


1. we put a lot of trust in our fourteen year-olds

2. while the JetStar II can fit three people in the middle car, this presupposes one is Ms. Lohan in the height of her Skeletor phase, or at the very least, a consumptive in the final throes

3. #2 is really an extension of the fact that, if you ever want to feel out of place, you should visit an amusement park in an odd-numbered group

4. people actually do throw up on rides (and it takes longer than you'd think to cleanit up)

5. not only do people spend money on midway games, one staffer has seen a man spend fifty dollars on a toss game before giving up

6. the Icee costs less than the Frozen lemonade, and is essentially the same thing


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