it's rough and tumble


Yesterday, I was in a car en route to the Legislature Building to hear some singing. In said vehicle was me, my friend, his defacto girlfriend, and the df/gf's roommate. Almost entirely out of the blue, the roommate asks, "What would it take for you guys to use a man purse?" I chuckle, point to the one currently around my neck and say, "not very much, apparently."

She later wanted to dissect my owning of a purse, as if I needed to explain myself. Can't a guy just want to carry a bag? My friend disputed that what I carry (see picture) is actually a purse. Which, of course, led us to a discussion of the features of a purse. He claimed that my bag is too butch to be a purse (and we all know I am the embodiment of butch). He was opting for satchel (which always makes me think of bindle for some reason). I stand firm in my calling it a purse. It's even marketed by Eagle Creek as being "built and designed specifically for women and how they travel." If that's not a purse, I don't know what is.


Petra said...

How do women travel, do you think?

alea said...

Apparently in a way that men will never know. Perhaps lighter? Well, and of course not when Aunt Flo's in town.

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