The truth about Spencer


Had someone been foolish enough to call me as an instructor for Elders Quorum, I would do my best to include the following items in this year's course of study. As simply a class member, it'll be trickier, but I'll still try to get at least some of them raised. I think it also falls to all of you to learn enough about these events to be able to discuss when even glancingly appropriate.

  • Cain=Bigfoot?
  • Would any good Latter-day Saint parent really rather bury their child than have them lose their virtue?
  • How can we reconcile "prophet, seer and revelator" and the Hofmann forgeries? Even more troubling, how can we reconcile claims of truth and openness vis-à-vis the purchase of certain documents with hopes of concealing them?
  • Do we really think that the LDS version of the Bible and the new triple combination was President Kimball's greatest achievement, or was Elder Packer just completely wrong?
  • Indian Placement Program: pure love of Christ or post-colonial nightmare?
  • Hinckley or Kimball: who is the more liberal leader?
  • Leonard Arrington, the professionalization of the Church History Department and believing history. Ramifications?
  • Would George P. Lee have been excommunicated if President Kimball were still alive?
  • 1978: how much was the revelation hastened by the fact that Kimball was in charge? Or, phrased different: June 1978, word of God or second great accommodation?
  • Different views of the Book of Mormon locations, given President Kimball's avowed love for Southwest Native Americans.


Ryan McIlvain said...

Very funny, Dai. I'd do my damndest to gain a testimony if it could somehow make you my EQ instructor.

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