five bucks in the garbage


How much do you think an annual subscription to the New York Times costs? I'll save you the trouble of actually looking this up and just tell you: right around $750. Ok, I'll give you a moment to ponder the absurdity of that figure.

And then, I'll tell you this story. I subscribed to the NY Times for my library. I got a couple a few weeks back, but they were hideously out of date (like a week and a half behind). I thought this must have been some issue getting the subscription started, so I just waited for more to show up. Nothing happened, but I promptly forgot any ways. That is, until yesterday. I saw my school's receptionist carrying some newspapers to the garbage. She tossed them out. I was in the midst of some other project, so I didn't give it much thought. (I was hanging up artwork behind plexiglass. Did you know that plexiglass, given half a chance, will give you nasty paper cut-like lacerations? I have the bloody knuckles and thumbs to prove it)

When I got back to my library, I spotted the NY Times on the shelf and though, I wonder... Turns out, yes, she had just tossed two days of NY Times (how many more did we lose this way?). Oh, but it gets better. She admitted to not looking at the papers, which can be the only reasonable explanation for why the papers did not make to the library. After all, they have a mailing label on them that lists not only the name of the school, but also my name and the word, very clearly LIBRARY.

I'm irritated.


Lizardbreath McGee said...

Mweh? MWEH? Oblivious people give me headaches. And test my charity.

And also, I'm very sorry about your bloody knuckles. Avoid lemon juice assiduously for the next many days.

Amber said...

Why? Why? Why?

Someone's rational duct is clogged...

Jér said...

Is this something your patrons stand for? Because ours don't—there would be a public lynching if that happened at my institution. In fact, there very nearly is one every time the Wall Street Journal or IBD shows up late. These financial-periodical-reading old men can be fierce.

alea said...

it's sweet of you to assume that I have patrons. Or, that I have patrons who would be interested in the NY Times.

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