Just talk


I really like this description of worshipping God, found in David Maine's The Preservationist. The conversation is between the daughter-in-law of Noah (the narrator) and the boat captain who has reluctantly been conscripted to ferry her menagerie across the waters back to Noah and his boat.

"Now," says Ulm, "tell me how to go about worshipping this God of yours."
"Just talk to him," I say. "It's what he seems to enjoy."
"And does He answer?"
"He is fond of riddles and double meanings, and things are seldom clear."
"Figures," says Ulm. "What do you say to Him?"
"Just let Him know you haven't forgotten Him, and tell Him thanks. He loves to hear you say thanks. He hates it when people forget that, I think, more than anything else."
"No sacrifices? Animals, prisoners, virgins?"
"Nothing like that, no."
"Nor tributes? Gold left on mountaintops, anything?"
I shake my head.


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