Gives a totally new meaning to "not handsome enough to tempt me".


Every now and then I'm struck with this panic. Basically, it centers on the fact that someone will start seriously questioning my ability to perform my job. Maybe they'll notice how I haven't built a library website. Or that my budget tracking system is in total disarray. Or, worst yet, they'll start looking a little closer at the books I've decided we needed in our collection and it won't add up. Some titles are easily defended, like The Complete Tintin. Others are less defensible (Crunch! The History of the Potato Chip, my book of hilarious Peep poses, Stacked Decks--a history of erotic playing cards, etc, etc.).

But then, the fear subsides and I start thinking, hey, I really should just go ahead and order whatever I want. So, my next order will most certainly include this.


Shaun R. said...

I have had my job since May and lived for months with similar fears. That is until I spent long enough in management to realize that it's quite difficult to get fired. It's a lot of work to fire somebody. You have to fill out a lot of paper work justifying it, and then you have to find somebody who can do the job better than they were doing it. Right now I'm replacing a receptionist who is quitting. It's a pain sifting through all the "resumes" and "cover letters" (yes they're in quotes for a reason).

I wouldn't worry about getting fired. Besides, they'll just make it really uncomfortable for you and hope you quit long before they actually fire you.

Petra said...

Huh. I wonder what that book is about.

ke said...

I ran across a book the other day called "Bad Teachers: a parent's guide" and about wet myself. I live in constant fear that someone will realize that my idea of teaching is dishing on the scandalous lives of ancient Mesopotamian despots and kick me out forever. When did people start taking us seriously?

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