I know I had them recently...


I am not on the top of my game today. I left the house without my wallet. Which isn't too much of a problem, except I need it to clock in so that I get paid. Moderately important. Plus, what if I need food between school or lace or lace and home? or what if I get pulled over? and so on and so on.

But, the mere forgetting of my wallet isn't what suggested to me that today might need either a fast-forward or a do-over. I rushed home instead of going to my institute class in the one flexible hour I have. I pull into my driveway and, then start frantically looking for my keys. I unzip my bag. They're not there. I unzip the larger pouch. Also not their. I feel in my pockets. I start wondering where I could have possibly put them.

Then, I realize, uh, they're in the ignition. Yeah, that's right. I'm awesome sometimes. Good thing I'm not in charge of something important. Because I'm pretty sure I'd lose it or kill it. Or both.


daine said...

My favorite trick is forgetting my bus pass at home but still walking to the bus. If I had a nickel for every time I did that, I could just buy a new bus ticket without having to waste my time walking home.

Still, sorry for your forgettings.

alea said...

I like to think that this sort of forgetfulness is moderately charming. I mean, it seems to afflict so many people I think are awesome.

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