Sometimes people ask me why I went back to school. In fact, they are often baffled, wondering why I'm not ready to move on to the next phase of my life. But, I have three very valid reasons now to point to:

1. I get to write a paper on WALL-E. And, because of this, I get to use the title "He was compacted for our iniquities"*.

2. Next semester, I get to take an entire class, three credits worth, on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not as cool as, say, Disney, but still spiffy.

3. I don't have to hassle with requesting time off or dealing with a schedule for the trip to see the Northern Lights that is currently in planning stages.

Sure, there are some minor inconveniences. Like homework. And not really making sufficient money. But, hey, I'm enjoying myself. That's the most important thing, right?

*I am convinced that the vast majority of my education is just better preparation for clever titles. That and having something to say at cocktail parties.


shaantvis said...

that's awesome, and if all you've got are great titles, at least you have that right? are you still in culinary school at the art institute or have you gone elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

You should have used the complete title: "He was damaged for our obesity, he was compacted for our iniquities: the survival of our Earth was upon him; and with this circuits we are healed."

A. Twirl

alea said...

sh.: nope. I dropped out of life and am now studying religion at the U. It's teh awesome, pretty much.

Twirl: fantastic. Simply fantastic. I love the extension.

trainwreck said...

Star Trek? Star Trek? At the University? Shameful.

alea said...

I'm sorry, you must have confused the word "shameful" and "awesome". Because that's what it's going to be: A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

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