You know what this envelope needs? A better taste


I don't actually mind the taste of envelope glue. In fact, I sort of like it. I'm always a little bit sad when I buy stamps now because they only sell self-adhesive ones. But, if I did find the taste of envelopes unsatisfying, I'd probably buy myself some Mmmvelopes. These little guys TASTE LIKE BACON!!!

I'm a big fan of bacon. A huge one even. I almost cannot get enough of it. That said, I'm totally buying some of that bacon salt. If it really works, I'm guessing that my non-bacon-sensing taste buds might atrophy from lack of use.

Of course, Bacon Salt is, I fear, one minor step away from the obvious trajectory. To wit: Squeez Bacon.


NAlton said...

STOP! Back away from the fake bacon! It's not worth it. And I have a feeling you'll be deeply disappointed.

daine said...

"Each serving is as healthy as real bacon, and equivalent to 4 premium slices of bacon!"

Now I can get all the healthy benefits of eating bacon on the go!

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