I bid 9 no trump


A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I learned how to play bridge. It may come as no surprise that my secret identity, that of a middle-aged woman, loves the game. However, I just learned that my shaky understanding of scoring had a major hole in it. If one team wins a game, BOTH teams start over at zero with new under the line points. (don't worry, that's not to make sense to you unless you score bridge). Also, it's pretty ridiculous, this scoring thing. I mean, seriously: look at my crib sheet.

And, as best as I can tell, that's the simplest way to present it. But, even still, it's so delicious.


annie said...

you left that sheet on the table, and i was looking at it earlier, trying to figure it out. after like 2 seconds, i just wanted to throw ke's glasses across the table.

alea said...

It's totally straight forward. I don't know what you're talking about. AND, you don't even have a good excuse like she does!!

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