My older brother and I text a fair amount. I mean, not a crazy lot, but more than the average bear. We're not in the thousands of texts per month category. Yet. But, it'd be weird to go a day without sending a few messages back and forth. Part of the reason why we text so much is that I find him totally hilarious. I'm not sure what he's getting out of the deal, but me? I'm enjoying myself. For instance, I give you the following two exchanges. I think I might post some of these sort of regularly, not least because they are awesome. But also, my phone can only hold, like, 12 texts so having them here will lighten the electronic load while keeping them in remembrance. I'll try to avoid ones that involve complex, acronym-riddled inside jokes.

Me: I just had a Little Debbies Snack Cake for breakfast. Because I am a champion.
Bro: Did u wash it down w/ a cold beer?
Me: Actually, used the leftover diet coke from mcd's yesterday.
Bro: Nice! Isn't it cold in just wife-beater though?

And just from yesterday:

Me: Surely pitas are not beyond the limit of a reasonable grocery store? Why do you not carry them fresh market?
Bro: Hahahah. U r such an eltist! Just have meat and spuds!!
Me: Am making lentils and potats in coco milk...i am not helping my case am I?
Bro: Hahaah. Is your beret color coordinated w/ bowtie?
Me: Please. Am wearing a top hat. Obviously.
Bro: And tails?
Me: Tails are out this season.


daine said...

If you published this into a book, I would buy it to read it on the toilet.

alea said...

I'm going to take that as a compliment...

Nicole said...

Please do post more of these. They make me feel more in touch with both of you.

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