Duo of Don'ts


My friend ke first introduced me to the idea that literature makes us feel less freakish alone according to, like, somebody famous (cite, ke?).* I agree with this, though usually it tends towards large, meaningful insights. But, maybe also trivial things. Like, finding my peculiar gastronomic aversions repeated in a novel. I know, I know, nobody normal hates celery and onions. It's crazy talk. OR IS IT? Check this passage from Remembrance of Things I Forgot  (not a great read, but moderately entertaining):

I definitely feel a little less freakish and alone now and will the next time I try to explain to someone that, no, celery doesn't just taste like nothing.

*Also, this is exactly what my friendship with ke does, too. Makes me feel less freakish and alone because there's somebody so simpatico in the world.


ke said...

Ian Frazier. And, ditto.

ke said...

(except for the onion thing. That I cannot fathom.)

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