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While this may not be a sign of the impending apoclypse, it can't be a good thing. Who really needs a Gospel-centered grammar book anyways? And is it really doing any student, Latter-day Saint or no, any good to frame all U.S. in LDS commentary and belief? Also, note how overly religious the topic in that "American history" book are.

If you're keen, you can buy the books here.

Threads of Liberty by DeGraff and DeGraff - $45.00 + S & H

Threads of Liberty is the first civics/government textbook which incorporates the history and principles upon which our Constitution and Bill of Rights were conceived plus LDS scripture and commentary by prophets and general authorities. This high school text asks it's readers the question: If you were the "single thread" referred to by Joseph Smith, how secure would our Constitution be? The authors of this text believe teaching about the founding of America and our Constitution without the inclusion of religion and the role of divine providence is not history, it is fiction. Time periods covered include the: Protestant Revolution, Puritan migration, American Colonies, Great Awakening, Constitutional Convention plus landmark Supreme Court cases which have unraveled the Constitution's original intent.

Liahona Grammar Series by Tracy Willburn, PhD.

This series of grammar books is very different from most approaches to teaching grammar. First, it uses a gospel context to invite the spirit and help students look at grammar in everyday situations with which they are familiar. Secondly, it believes that grammar is best taught by the study of good writing and then emulating those writing principles. Current research is showing that a writing-based grammar program is more effective in teaching students to write well than the present over-use of rote exercises found in most grammar texts.


Heidi said...

This makes me unbelievably disturbed. Unbelievably. Even more disturbed than the English seminar I just got out of--centered solely on the concept "Skepticism" head hurt then because people were too smart and my head hurts now because...well, let's just say its not for the same reason. P.S. Forgive the pessimistic tone of this post. After sitting in a three hour seminar called "skepticism" I think it would take a herculean mind to leave without being a bit sour-faced.

alea said...

For me this is more a symptom of a much, much larger problem: Utah Valley and the crazy, uptight Mormons who think that even the school system there is too liberal.

Anonymous said...

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