Boring scandals


On Sunday, I went hometeaching. My companion, on the way back from the appointment, somehow turned the topic to missions. I think we were talking about marriage or something. I distinctly remember sharing the story of my cousin who returned from Brazil in July and was married in December. But, at any rate, he's talking about his time in Russia (if I understood his mumbled reply about where he served correctly), and says something along the lines: "This one guy in my mission, if even half the rumours about him and his girlfriend were don't know how he could be out with some of the stuff going around"

Secretly, I'm hoping he'll go on, but he lapses into silence for a bit. Then, he does continue. "The best known one was that, when they met, it was right before finals and so, to prove their love to each other," he pauses at this point to make a left-hand turn. I'm thinking, yes? details, please.

"to prove their love, they decided to fail their finals." Oh. That's not interesting. That's just stupid. And it doesn't really suggest that he shouldn't have been a missionary. My thrist for gossip was not quenched. It's too bad because in this case, I'd get the juiciness but not have the guilt of even knowing who the person is. Alas, no such luck.


Anonymous said...

What you fail to realize, Dai, is that "failing your finals" is in-crowd slang for post-bank robbery fellatio.

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