Money I don't deserve


You know what I love about Canada? All the free money. Well, that's not 100% true. However, I got a letter today from Revenue Canada that basically said this:

Dear Resident,

You are clearly too stupid to figure out our tax laws and made a very avoidable mistake. The figure you took for tuition credits was much, much too high. We have adjusted that. However, we have also adjusted your CPP overpayments. Your refund will be deposited in your account.
That's right. I was bested by an income tax form. However, the good news is that the CPP overpayments means I that I get more money (about 30 bucks more) than I originally thought. And my refund's already deposited in my account. I now have 500 Canadian dollars that I feel like I ought to spend. I wouldn't want to the terrorists to win. Maybe I'll go buy myself a Wii...

Though, given my increasingly bleak employment prospects, I should probably save that so as to stave off gutter-death for at least one more month.


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