Only let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart


When I'm a famous restaurateur, I hope to come out with a book of Mormon-themed & Word-of-Wisdom-friendly recipes. These dishes will approximate the tasty things we're not allowed as God's people without all the guilt. In other words, it's very much letter of law abiding. So far I've come up with the following items to be included:

  • In the Seasons Thereof (a seasonal fruit and vegetable guide, including a diatribe against canning)
  • White & Delightsome Forest Cake (all the decadence, none of the Kirsch)
  • Noli Me Tangerine tea
  • K'fear Not (non-alcoholic fermented yogurt)
  • G-Rated Fusion Fruit Juice (see here to catch this one)
  • Chai on a Mountain Top (without the black tea, natch)
  • Teacunmisu (lady fingers soaked in something that isn't rum, custard and a sprinkling of something that isn't espresso)

Any one else have ideas to include?


Sean said...

"Noli Me Tangerine Tea" sounds yummy, but also suspiciously Latin Vulgate. And therefore all the more delicious?

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

what about bailey's irish converts cream soda?

Petra said...

Mock-a-latte: A coffee-flavored drink without the caffeine; also, not served hot.

Romprophet: Mexican eggnog made with something that isn't rum

Canard a la fruit of the tree of life: Duck in wineless orange sauce.

Chicken mar-selah: praiseworthy pasta.

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