What about poutine?


There is some debate about whether Canada has a culture. And, if it does, what parts of that culture are not just a reaction to their lumbering southern neighbor. I would like to think, though, that Canada has at least one or two classic recipes handed down from mother to daughter and cherished as either national dishes or family traditions. The editors of "Saveur", however, are not quite sure.


And here.

My main question, though, is why include a link at all (see the bottom of the page) if there are no recipes? Are the writers trying to mock Canada (both Anglophone & Francophone)? One must assume the dishes posted are only up for so long. Maybe there were once Canadian dishes. But, as for right now, Canada, you'll have to find something other than food to give us Americans a compelling idea to not de facto annex you. Well? We're waiting.


Anonymous said...

Ok you wanna hear something freaky? I had never heard of poutine before I read this post of yours last Friday whilst at work. Then on Friday evening I was out with friends and one of them randomly mentions poutine. Weird.

librarianite said...

what about Nanaimo bars or Saskatoon pie? How about the butter tart everyone loves the butter tart? What about the Donair? There must be others...Pemican, Bannock, Alberta beef?

I'll admit our culture revolves around not being American but there must be lots of dishes Americans simply think are theirs but originated in Canada - its just your way.

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