Married to God


While I'm not above stealing ideas, this one gets credit. Annie pointed us in the direction first.

Last Friday, during the dinner party, I was complaining, as is my wont, about unrequited love. This seems like such a bad set up. All that anguish, frustration and so on. To which, my friend Annie said that the whole point is that all God deals with all day is unrequited love. He sits up there, loving everybody and being ignored or spurned or whatever. So, in effect, God is the perfect boyfriend. Want proof?

  • He's always willing to listen to you, even if you walk him up late at night
  • He's building you a mansion
  • He makes the sun rise for you. Every day.
  • No matter how mean you are to Him, He takes you back, no questions, the second you're ready
  • He gives you flowers. All kinds. Every year.
  • He's unbelievably patient
  • He thinks you're great, even when nobody else does.
There were others which escape me currently. Sure, sure, He can be a bit jealous and, when it comes time to have kids, he'll probably be a sort of iffy father. But, I mean, as a suitor, what more could you ask for?


Catherine Agnes said...

Jacob directed me here, and while I loved the linked post "beat me, daddy" I have to point out that many of those undesirable fatherly qualities apply in a dating situation too. I may be the odd one out, but I'm not too interested in a suitor who:

Never shows up in person, and doesn't even send you pictures.
Doesn't speak to you audibly.
Never, ever physically touches you, and
Loves everyone else just as much as he loves you, and gives them just as many flowers.


alea said...

You want perfect love and attention and physical touch! Wow, that's asking a lot, even from God. :)

Annie said...

i was totally going to write a post about this! but i'm lazy, so i'm glad you covered it for me. i'll just link to it, haha.

Kim Siever said...

The funny thing is some of those flowers we call weeds and throw herbicides on them

Petra said...

Ah, but does He open doors when He takes you out?

alea said...

well, he does open windows when he closes doors, does that count?

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