Seek learning, as long as it's practical


Every year, a couple of days before the 24th, the Days of '47 holds a float preview at the South Towne Expo Center. The large room is turned over to shiny, sparkly earnestness. I love going so much. You get to walk right around the floats, try to figure out what the organizers were thinking when they put Africa on the globe backwards and, based on this year's event, can even get a totally incomprehensible double-dog-headed travel pillow for free. The fact that almost everyone was carrying one around proves that people will take anything that's free, no matter how absurd.

Every year BYU puts together a float. This year they went with "Catching the Vision of Freedom" as the play on the theme "Catch the Vision". Around the float, which consisted of a giant Y and the Carillon Tower, they had words. I think they're supposed to be a comprehensive list of things one can study at BYU to reel in freedom.

They were:

  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Law
  • Management
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Athletics (right, this isn't something you study, so maybe I misunderstood their intent?)
Notice anything missing? At first, I thought it was a space consideration, but then realized that Law, Management, Science and Engineering were all repeated on the float. It's nice to know that the planners of the float somehow managed to forget about half of the fields offered at the school, including five of the ten most popular majors. Magic, really.


jon said...

Yeah, I noticed a few missing disciplines on the float during the Provo Fourth of July parade. Hmm…

ke said...

a) oh I want to come so badly please.
b) haven't you been listening, though, to those talks about education's role in providing. Or providing-just-in-case if you're a girl. Why would anyone want to study anything else? Why isn't Pre-dental on there somewhere?

H.W.3 said...

Have I not been saying practical education is the only worthwhile line of study for a long time now? Hence why I am a science major? Hahaha!

alea said...

H: I guess us humanities types will just have to soothe ourselves knowing that while we'll be crappy creators, we'll be pretty freaking sweet deities.

alea said...

k: because, clearly, dental is what you do if and only if you can't get into medical school, silly.

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