Can you do that?


I have this friend, ke, with whom I have been known to do a little cooking. Sometimes, though, I doubt her choices. She has these crazy ideas, see. So I'm hedgy and iffy and then, when it turns out she's actually a genius, I'm amazed. I really should learn to stop doubting her.

In specific: cumin whipped cream*. It doesn't seem like that should be allowed, does it? But, it is. And it's delicious atop roasted carrots with anise. Even if roasting carrots and then chopping them into fine dice is enough to almost drive me mad. Seriously, though, savory whipped cream needs to be more plentiful in my life. I'm not entirely sure how I've managed to live this long without it.

So, uh, thanks, ke, for not listening to me when I make icky faces about your food ideas. You're the best--even if you didn't let us go to Carhenge.

*part of me want a hyphen in this string somewhere. Not sure where. Or why.


Petra said...

Whoa, I like that idea. I am getting very excited for New Year's brunch!

alea said...

It was astoundingly tasty.

As for New Years (if all goes according to plan): homemade croissants will be in attendance. As will ham mousse!

ke said...

Did my mom complimenting you on your knife skills make the maddening half-hour long chopping better or worse?
And I told you so. (And ham mousse per my suggestion, or do you have something else up your sleeve?)

Petra--me too me too. Alea might be a genius at brunch.

alea said...

the compliment both helped but then also made me afraid of messing up. Must. impress. middle.-aged. women.

You did tell me so.

Ham mousse per your suggestion yes. We had discussed it for something a while ago, hadn't we? And it'll be in gougeres (with gruyere?).

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