Things I have a crush on


1. This:Thanks, Helvetica, you're the best.

2. Actually, her name's Marina. And she quotes Yoda.

3. The idea of anise-flavored seven minute frosting. But, I am still (sadly) seeking a vehicle for it.

4. Clytemnestra. Yeah, the woman who killed her husband, Agamemnon. I'm pretty sure she's a tragic hero. And c'mon, Aggie had it coming.

5. Ties. Wearing one every day is the Best. New. Years. Resolution. Ever.

6. Misquoting Lady Gaga's sketchily attributed quote that "Art is a lie. And I kill every day to make it true."


Oneup said...

How does Jacob feel about wearing ties every day? They appear to create such an awful, trapped in feeling. Uff.

ke said...

Tragedy is a lie? And I kill every day to make it true?


Guess what I'm obsessed with the mess that's America?

alea said...

I don't know how he feels. But I suspect choosing to wear them and being forced to are two different games, entirely.

ke: I only think about killing every day to make that one true. Also, are you so magnetic?

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