Dear Lady Gaga


I know, I know, you're a lie and you kill everyday to make it true. But does this killing actually go on in crematoria? Because, your new video for Alejandro is trying really hard to invoke the Nazis. Ok, sure, whatever. The problem, though, is it's also trying to invoke the end of the world and the very 17th century idea of religious ecstasy. So, you're doing a lot of things. Check.

But, it's not quite Nazis, is it? Just like it's not quite steam punk. Or not quite post-apocalyptic. Or not quite Evita on steroids. Or not quite Counter Reformation with a huge dollop of sex. Truth be told, I feel mostly like the video is just that: not quite.

Also, for a song that is, ostensibly about the complicated relationship everyone feels towards intimacy of the physical stripe, your metaphors of that intimacy could be less...blunt? I mean, isn't the simulated sex that goes nowhere and where you're the dominatrix a bit...obvious?

Don't get me wrong. I like your stuff. And it's interesting. And moderately entertaining to watch. But, I think you ought to be careful. You're almost to the point of de trop. And de trop for Gaga fans is saying a lot.




ke said...

I just replied to Hobie's Facebook status on this precise subject. To be discussed...

alea said...

and I reply replied. :) We shall discuss.

Petra said...

Whoa. I want in on this discussion. Why aren't I Facebook friends with Hobie yet?

My thoughts: no matter where she starts, she ends up in an orgy. Creative.

alea said...

I think you're confusing "creative" with "obvious". Though, this time, the orgy was a bit gayer, right?

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