Czech, please


Mr Kaplicky has come up with what can best be described as a nine-storey green and purple blob.

That is from none other than the BBC. It's about Jan Kaplicky's proposed design for the Czech National Library. The President of the Czech Republic has apparently called the design "so ugly, he would prevent construction going ahead with his own body", according to the BBC.

You see, in the Czech Republic, they haven't really figured out the whole democracy thing. For them, it's still all about the 1960s civil disobedience instead of such boring ideas as injunctions, funding snafus or rule of law. Instead, we have Vaclav Klaus offering himself up as a human barrier against the creation of the a blob.

Three questions have come to me in writing this post: is it a coincidence that the only two presidents of the Czech Republic have been named Vaclav? Is there some connection between Weneceslas (Vaclav) and the Slavic lands that I'm not familiar with which would cause his name to be so popular? How can one be a noncommunist if one is not also an anti-communist? Well, pan Klaus, explain that to me, please.


Shaun R. said...

I never thought I'd see a library uglier than the one here in San Antonio that is painted purple, yellow, and "enchilada red". (that is the official color). The entrance bathes you in blue neon lights. It's supposed to have a calming influence but just makes me feel like I walked into a bug zapper. I got excited because they were going to paint it. Turns out the enchilada had faded to more of a southwestern red so they just want to repaint it to its full atrociousness again.

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