the laughing of the damned


I'd be a bad librarian if I did not pass along this, a blog for a bogus library supply company. It'd probably be even funny to non-librarians, but no guarantees there.

I'd be a worse librarian if I didn't tell you that I found it because I am on the listserv for Worthless Word of the Day, the word-a-day email for the distinguished consumer who already knows all the words-a-day.

However, the fact that I received three more rejection letters today doesn't really bode well for me not being a bad librarian.

In other sad news, I'm going to be leaving Las Vegas (and not through drinking myself to death) the very day that that accordionists converge on the City of Sin for the International Accordion Convention. What's worse is that the piano accordion turns 100 this year!

My life is so hard.


Shaun R. said...

Thanks for sharing. I passed it along to my librarian friend. I figure I'd be a bad friend of a librarian if I didn't.

Prolix said...

The one about the "library mom" is my favourite. "Like your real mom, this sweet woman has no background in information services. She can spend clueless hours pleasantly bewildering any parent. Library Mom looks and sounds competent, but she's not."

Thanks for supplying me with some work-appropriate reading material.

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