a reason to love America


If you're looking for something to give you pride in the U.S. of A, you needn't look much further than the Postal System. Unlike CanadaPost (which takes longer than certain Slavic Countries to deliver and is costly to boot), the United States Postal Service is cheap, reliable and rather quick.

Case in point: I just mailed a book to my brother. Total cost: $1.59. Estimated delivery: 3-5 business days.

it's enough to make one almost choked up about the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Prolix said...

I don't know about freedom and democracy and all that jazz, but I do like fast mail. How do I become an American? Sign me up! Do you know any good Americans I could marry for that precious green card?

alea said...

well, I'm still available. Though, once you've got that MLIS, thanks to NAFTA, they pretend you're a professional and you don't even have to prostitute yourself for citizenship.

Shaun R. said...

all I know is that the mail system in Guatemala got lots better after the Canadians started running it. That just shows you what a poor state it was to begin with.

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