Apparently, my parents are willing to lie (or at least purposefully mislead) in order to keep me in health insurance. It's sort of touching. I mean, what says love more than compromising your principles because your children have made terrible career/education choices?

This means my dental appointment today was routed through the terrible American health system rather than through my checking account. But, as long as I'm covered I'll soak up the benefits. When coverage really does lapse, I may have to move to Canada, get married and become a drain on their socialist programs.

As an added bonus, the next time my mastoiditis acts up (a disease which usually only strikes children in the third world) I won't have to "borrow" unused antibiotics from friends with heart conditions. And therefore, my chances have getting colitis from said friend's mega-doses of medicinal bacteria will be decreased dramatically.

(Note: my friend's condition requires her to only take medication prior to going to the dentist. It's not like I was putting her in real danger...unless she needed emergency dentistry.)


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