Do I dare?


I spent the day copying and pasting catalogue records to make a pretty audiovisual holdings list. I really, really hope that our ILS doesn't have a way that would have meant spending a whole helluva lot of time less than 8 hours on it. I also spent the day stewing about a bit of an ethical dilemma facing me. Essentially it boils down to this: should a librarian be allowed to ask his/her patrons out on a date?

Of course there's a backstory here. There's this one patron of my library who is gorgeous. She's South Asian and therefore transcends standard ideas of beauty and lapses into divine attractiveness (I once had a friend tell me that, if I wanted anyone to every not question my sexuality, I should just start going on about South Asian women. He's probably right: I'm a big fan.) Plus, she's a convert. Oh, and today, when I sneezed she said, "I'd say 'bless you' if I held the priesthood power." Either she's making a nice little joke or she drastically misunderstands the role of priesthood in Mormonism. Frankly, both are nice possibilities, don't you think? The problem is, I don't really know her at all and I only interact with her in library situations. It'd be one thing if we were both, say, students at the College, but I'm not. Part of me thinks this would be unbearably creepy; part of me wants to plot some sort of "accidental" bumping into her; part of me just wants to rage against fate for taunting me.

I'm leaning more towards the idea being 100% creepy. Though, do I come across as lecherous? I hope not. I mean, I'm not going to, like, search through her library account for her phone number or anything that's clearly a no-no (though it wouldn't be the first time I went "data diving" in slightly inappropriate ways). It's kind of like kefir and the word of wisdom in my book. I wonder if I should feel guilty about it, despite the fact that it produces hedons. Therefore, I rely on others to tell me their thoughts and then act accordingly.

So, thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I had kefir whilst in Hungary....I wasn't aware it was in the WoW "gray zone", as it were. About the lady, I think we both know that I have no advice to give.

librarianite said...

Yes I think it might be a little creepy... sorry. At least don't ask her over the ref desk - I think a "chance meeting" some other place would be much better.

Prolix said...

Sometimes creepy can be good.

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