So long, comestibles!


I just finished the last solid-food lunch that I will eat until Easter. I'm trying the Lenten fast again this year. It will be trickier given the facts that a. I "work" full-time now, b. I live at home in a place where i. cooking for oneself is frowned upon and ii. my parents are still trying out some sort of modified reduced carb diet (yep, there are still folks who do that, apparently) and c. my access to fruit source bars has been curtailed (though, I have located a substitute at Target, of all places). That last one isn't a major problem, but I did have a fruit source bar with every single meal last Lent, so it's going to change my routines. Fortunately, I've discovered the joy that are Lärabäre (my whimsical plural of Lärabar). These are, in a word, amazing. Too bad they cost so much. Or rather, more's the pity I'm a cheapskate.

I'm also shaving off my beard tonight and intend to stay clean-shaven for the duration of Lent. It's sort of a penance thing, I suppose. Though, since proper disposition ain't coming by Easter, the whole idea of preparing myself to be worthy for the body and blood of Christ is iffy. Regardless, I could use a bit of a spiritual jumpstart and nothing says dedication to God like arbitrary boundaries, right?

I am not, however, giving up movies this year. I'm giving up some other things that are, perhaps, not appropriate to share on this public forum. So I figure if I can keep it together for the fast and these other things, I deserve a flick now and then.

I love this time of year. The beginning of Lent means that winter's on the way out. It reminds me how far I fall from the intentions of God while still keeping the hope of Easter alive. And, it lets my little fanatic do what it wants for a while. If y'all haven't tried Lent before, I strongly recommend you think of something to give up. It'll really help to rededicate yourself to being a generally good person regardless of your pro- or anti-Jesus views. Seriously, this is best time of year in my book. Plus, I get to have waffles tonight, what more could I ask for?


Hildegarde Cloverleaf said...

The beard goes now? I thought I had more time!!

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