Who wants to visit Kansas?


I've written before about Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. They make me so angry, I can barely contain myself. I want to throw stones at them. However, that's not the best route (yet).

But, someone has organized something actually less-knee jerk: A Million Fag March. I'm sort of mixed about the chances this has of doing anything meaningful. On one hand, it gives the WBC more publicity, something they clearly live for. However, if the group of concerned citizens, gay or not, are willing to go and stand around this church and not do anything rash, it might show Phelps and his ilk that he's got more than just a handful of evil liberals to contend with. Either way, it's history in action.

So, March 30, 2008. I'm seriously considering buying a ticket to Kansas. Anybody want to tag along?


Hildegarde said...

Power to the people! I will gladly join you.

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