Dear Alain de Botton,

I love your work. Seriously. It's shaped my thinking about some things (love, precision, philosophy). Quotes from you have made it into blog posts and facebook statuses, serious discussions and flippant conversations. And, anyone who listens to me talk for more than about three minutes will hear me praise your stuff (especially if they ask for book recommendations). I'm not lying, it's capital, all around. However, can I suggest that future editions of your novels, which deliciously track the sparking, building and ultimate crumbling of relationships, come with the following warning:

Note: please do not embark on this work of literature if you are currently embroiled in a doomed romantic situation. It will only make matters worse.
That would really have made me rethink my decision to pick up On Love, what with my current mangled amorous endeavor.

thanks bunches!



Anonymous said...

and then i realized I commented on the wrong post, so here it is again: so I can vouch for your obsession (not quite a strong enough word?) with Alain de Botton since you recommended it to me the very first time we met in person and then every subsequent time I ask for book recommendations. I just dont know that one specific person can be _that_ good. However, I'm sure you have an eternity of reasons/arguments why Botton is so wonderful. And thanks for the advice on the blog name. I'll come up with something.

alea said...

He really is that good. Which you'd know if you bothered to follow up on any of my recommendations....

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