We doubt not our fathers knew it


A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Mothers Day. This, of course, meant that roughly ninety percent of LDS sacrament meetings made reference, at some point, to the story of the stripling warrior and the faith they learned from their mothers. This is fine and well, though sort of sad that Mormons can't come up with other scriptural moms to talk about. Maybe Hannah could make an appearance? Or Rachel, if only to highlight the fact that she basically colluded with her son to dupe her husband. Maybe next year.

But there's still hope. We have Fathers Day in a month, and there's dads aplenty to talk about. Here's some examples I'd suggest for anyone asked to speak this year.

  • Lot. A good dad knows that protecting men of God sometimes requires you to make some tough sacrifices. Of course, the same daughters also make some tricky decisions of their own.
  • Jephthah. A good dad knows that promises to the Lord must be kept. No matter how personally painful
  • Aaron. A good dad knows when you shouldn't support your kids in bad decisions. You only need to mourn for those who don't get what's coming to them.
  • Noah. A good dad knows how to fairly deal out punishments.
  • Isaac. A good dad doesn't play favorites, and offers all his kids the same opportunities and blessings.
  • Abraham. A good dad knows that is first responsibility is to his wife, no matter how hard that is for the children.
I'm sure there are others I missed, but this should get you started.

(Actually, the story of Lot is much less horrific if you believe in Joseph Smith Translation. In that telling, the men of Sodom demand both the holy men and Lot's daughters. Lot refuses to give up either party to the wicked intentions of the men of Sodom. That is a good dad, especially since the men of Sodom right before demanding the daughters told Lot they'd treat him even worse than they were intending to treat the holy men.)


Catherine Agnes said...

I hope you don't mind me blog-stalking you, but I think this post is brilliant. Possibly even better than "Beat Me Daddy" because this one has all the references linked.

alea said...

I don't mind the blog-stalking at all. I'm glad someone else likes the things I write.

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