Nobody was intended to get hurt


Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt thwarted. Sort of a collapsing of every aspect of my life all at once. My work in the morning was sluggish and unproductive. Then I taught in the afternoon, only to be ridiculously unengaging. And, for various reasons, I had a slick, sick feeling most of the day.
But then, a sister invited me over to have what may be the best cookies in the world. And a friend invited me to see Up, which was practically perfect in every way. And another friend stayed on the phone for over an hour with me, cheerleading and commiserating and planning a dinner party that includes miniature felafel. It's weird, and deeply reassuring to me, that my calls for compassion, either broadcasted loudy or sort of quiet and sideways get answered so immediately.

I was thinking yesterday a lot about this quote from Children of Men in which Theo, the main character, is being told he didn't mean for the old woman whose car he stole to die:

No, he almost groaned, I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to be a selfish son, an unloving father, a bad husband. When have I ever meant anything? Christ, what harm couldn't I do if I actually started to mean it!
And yeah, while that's true, it's also amazing to sit back and think about all the good that can be done by people who mean it, too. And today's much better. I've got a to-do list and some recipe research to undertake and a reason to buy teeny tiny tart shells. All in all, I think I'm for today.


Petra said...

Oh, I love Children of Men...and I have that quote written down somewhere too. Great minds think alike.

(PS: Mini-falafel! I love it!)

alea said...

Wait...we already know we share the same mind. Need I remind you of at-one-ment and "positively antediluvian"? Don't know that entails greatness...

Hildegarde said...

I would like to rewind to Sunday and perhaps even sooner and figure out why my friend started to pretend that I didn't exist. Because even if "nobody was intended to get hurt," sometimes it happens and it might be easier to bear if we knew why.

Nicole said...

How could I not comment on this? I wish I could be the answer to your calls for compassion more often. Broadcast them loudly to me and I will try. Lots of love, Nico

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