If somebody loved me, they could so easily show it to me.

Just buy me this.

It meets almost all my standards for kitchen gear. Firstly, it miniaturizes something. Secondly, it turns soemthing round into something square (I'm actually a touch suspicious of square tart shells. Wouldn't there be seam issues?). And, lastly, it's distinctive, which is to say completely and totally unnecessary but charming nonetheless.

Besides, I'm sure my mini-loaf pan, my tiny silicone bundt jello molds and my madeleines pan could use some more company...


oneup said...

You like little things just as much as I do, but never admitted it before!

daine said...

It's a mixed blessing being so easy to shop for. On the one hand, there are any number of things that people can buy you, on the other hand, there is constantly a list of cool kitchen things which will inevitably never be purchased.

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