Road Trip for the Insane


Hey, alea, what's this map here?

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Why, that's the trip my friend ke and I are planning. Sure, some people might think it's a little bit crazy to try to to visit Yellowstone (just glancingly), Little Bighorn, Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore on one trip. But, don't worry, we've got a whole three days to make it happen in.

Um, this may kill us. I'm not too soothed by the fact that google maps clocks the driving in at 1 day, 2 hours, either. Good thing we're young and hearty, right?


Katherine said...

I have an irrational tendency to judge the quality of a road trip by the number of states it passes through, so I'm getting jealous just looking at your map. Five states! And it would be so easy to add Colorado!

Watch for the giant bust of Abraham Lincoln looming over I-80 a few miles east of Laramie. (He's particularly spectacular/creepy at night.) And if you're feeling adventurous, there's an abandoned housing settlement at exit 150, between Rawlins and Rock Springs, that's dying to be explored.

Nicole said...

Man, it makes me tired just looking at your route. I hope you have a great and memorable trip.

alea said...

Katherine: "easy to add Colorado"? Did you read the part about driving 26 hours in three days?!?

Nico: yeah, it makes me tired, too. I hope the awesomeness outweighs that, though.

ke said...

Camera. Will you bring yours?

Annie said...

i'm pretty sure my friends and i barely made it to and from yellowstone in 2.5 days, so i wish you lucky warily. :)

H.W.3 said...

I'm so jealous! I want to go. Even if it ends up being a total disaster I want to go on something like that to say that I've done it!

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