reasons it would suck to grow up in Edmonton


It would not be unusual to go trick-or-treating in -8°C (17.6°F) weather. Your costume would be ruined what with long johns, a coat or snowpants involved. I'd feel more sorry for the little blighters if they weren't getting free candy.

(and yes, this is technically only reason it would suck, but I think some of the others are obvious and therefore need not be shared.)


Katya said...

I've been meaning to ask, why did you pick a school in Alberta? Do they have a good program? Was there someone you wanted to work with? Isn't the foreign tuition a bear (not to mention the winters)?

alea said...

there are so many question here, and so few answers. At least, so few satisfying ones. Their program is good...for managers or childrens librarians (neither of which interest me). I didn't know about any of the faculty before coming here, but I don't think they would have swayed my opinion. The foreign tuition really isn't that bad. I pay twice what Canadians pay, but fortunately they're socialists so education costs are quite low (I pay about 9K Canadian a year for tuition). The winters are an issue, but last year's was so light (as this one will be, too according to experts). It's a dry cold and last year was especially dry (no snow until March). And 0° F isn't that bad, really.

The main reason I chose Alberta is because it felt right. A lame reason, perhaps, but much less lame to LDS who understand personal revelation. (the jury's still out on what HF wanted me here for).

Robert said...

It's quite clear (to me at least) that the reason you were prompted to move to Canada was so that you could provide amusement to myself, in the form of this blog.

Also, you reminded me that I need to send a thank-you note to Al Gore since it's been such a warm winter.

alea said...


I'm glad I'm not the only one who's amused by me. Go ahead and sign my name to that card, too.

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