Who's church?


Bishop Edwin D. Woolley got into trouble with Brigham Young for building a really fancy social hall for his ward and renting it out to nonmembers for social purposes. When he confronted and chastised Woolley for this Brigham said, "Well, I suppoe you are going to go off and apostatize."

Woolley's response is wonderful. I think I should make a sampler with this exchange on it. He said, "No, I won't. If this were your church I might, but it's just as much mine as it is yours."

(This quote captions a chapter in Adventures of a Church Historian, which I am reading right now. This book is roiling all sorts of emotions in me, including a really, really strong desire to land a job with Church History. Hopefully I can trick them into finding me qualified come April.)


Petra said...

Like the refrain that's gotten me through 22 years of being Mormon: "it's my Church too."

alea said...

yes. now we have not only a precedent, but a source.

Anonymous said...

Dai my friend....you simply HAVE to end up working for the church. To quote The Simpsons: the ironing would be delicious.

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