Weather whinge


It's happened. For the first time since moving back to Edmonton, I've stepped outside into 0° weather (that's Celsius. It sounds much more dramatic than 32° Fahrenheit). This betokens the coming of the end of my happiness. Well, not really. Last year, I became accustomed to -17° as a high (which is roughly 0° F). It wasn't pleasant to wear to five layers and a scarf and a hat and gloves, but I managed. I just wasn't expecting it to come back so soon.

What's really frustrating about this is that it's 0 at 6.45 (when I leave home) and 10 by 3 p.m. (when I go home). So, while I'm not too opposed to the layering approach (undershirt, button down, cardigan, coat). I only need those four layers for the first part of the day. And then I have to schlep them all back home. I'm resentful towards nature for this extra weight it forces me to carry around. Well, that and the fact that I've got a long, hard winter ahead of me.


Petra said...

Come to Semarang. It's 40 degrees Celsius and 98% humidity and that's never going to change.

(Are you tempted yet?)

alea said...

well, knowing that all it takes to win you is a plane ticket and a motorcycle, I might be. If only I had known this say, fifteen months ago.

Petra said...

I still had standards 15 months ago. Now I'm just easy.

Petra said...

Also, has it really been 15 months? Gosh.

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