websites blocked by my work (a partial list)


  • Facebook
  • Gmail Chat
  • all other chat or instant messaging sites
  • The Slow Roll, under pretense of "alcohol"
  •, because it shows "inappropriate apparel"
  • Google image search, for no specified reason
  • Go Fug Yourself, for being "tasteless"
This could be a problem. Are they actually expecting me to work or something?


Sean said...

Your work blocks GFY? Because it's TASTELESS?? Are they complete savages?

Anonymous said...

Do you shop at Lust after the women? Lust after the men?

alea said...

I was in search of a certain swimsuit, actually and figleaves came up on a froogle search.

Petra said...

Anonymous took the words right out of my mouth. Glad to see that question answered.

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