Holidays, words, cults


Today is July 1st, which means a couple of things. First of all, it’s Canada Day, which I wish were actually just called CanaDay. To all Canadians, everywhere, hopefully you’re doing something to celebrate your “country” and whatever it is you love about it. I’m sure there’s something good about Canada that you can find to tout. For the rest of us, I guess we should give them one day where we pretend they’re a valuable player in the world.

Another thing this date means is that, had I managed to trick anybody into hiring me for one of the forty-odd jobs I’ve applied for, I would be starting tomorrow or thereabouts. Now, that’s not happened. I’m feeling kind of bummed about it, but I’m not entirely hopeless. In fact, I just dashed off a few applications this week to places as enticing as Evansville, IN, Fayetteville, AK and St. Louis, MO.

On the even more positive side, had I already moved from Zion, I wouldn’t have had the chance to attend the Quakers today or play testimony bingo with Petra and Melyngoch. Despite no references to a Slav, we did get the joy of experiencing the newest category “inexplicable hand gesture”. And having won a game of anagrams earlier in the day softened the blow of eking out just over half the score of Petra in Boggle. It was a great Sunday. And more fun planned for tomorrow: Scientologists! Middle Eastern food! Rodeo!


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