Things learned yesterday


Rodeos can be surprisingly homoerotic. At least, they can if you’re willing to slightly twist the description of bareback riding. The cowboy is not allowed “to touch his equipment”. Oh, and “half the score is based on his spurring technique and ‘exposure’ to the strength” of the horse. And come on, “bareback riding”? They’re asking for it. There was also a sign at the concessions stand for the brand of Bratwurst they sell with the slogan “that’s an impressive sausage”.

The trick rider is the sissy of the rodeo.

Scientologists won’t really tell you what they believe, but they’ll show you a book that will give you really vague answers. The Church has a yacht known as the Flag Ship. Buying their merchandise is like a donation. They believe in not paying taxes. L. (Lafayette) Ron Hubbard may or may not have had a research method. He is also apparently self-sufficient enough to answer any and all questions one may have about life. The same government (the US) who tried to squelch Dianetics when it came out (because it threatened their mind control program) has subsequently determined not only that Scientology is a religion in the courts by in the tax system as well. You can do nothing about Scientology after having watched the orientation movie. You can also jump off a bridge.

Ice plus lots of salt can give you a mean burn. I am a wuss. Specifically, here this refers to my inability to stand submerging my hand in ice water for longer than 45 seconds.


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