Yay!, or Uh-oh


I've been offered a job. And it terrifies me. Not just the prospect of work, which, granted, stresses me out. I mean, full-time employ? That's something I've done a good job of avoiding thus far in my life. Unfortunately, I suppose this is what my education was building up to.

What really freaks me out about this position is that it's a solo librarian position. As in, I'll be the only librarian in the establishment. I mean, for a fresh-out-of-school MLIS, that's kind of a scary thought. No support system. No networking. No people I can blame for being old and out of touch.

It gets worse, though. The library doesn't even exist yet. The first step in this position? Build a collection. The next step? Catalogue it. Of course, before doing that, I'll need to establish all policies for the library (remember, no interaction here with fellow librarians).

Oh, and it's for a for-profit education organization. I don't know how I feel about that.

To be fair, it's part of a network of schools and I would have support from remote overlords.

To make things even more sticky, it pays a touch less than I'd hope.

It's going to be a rough night. Hopefully I can figure it all out by tomorrow.


Prolix said...

I think you're taking the job. It's, like, your destiny or something. Are you, or are you not, a librarian?

alea said...

on the plus side, I would get to introduce myself as "The Librarian" if I'm a solo librarian. Sadly, I doubt this will lead me to fight alongside Bob Newhart, a lifelong fantasy of mine.

Prolix said...

Totally! I was thinking about that, actually. You could constantly find reasons say things like, "I am the only one who can do it... I'm The Librarian." Satisfying!

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