Well, you could always be a Unitarian


I'm looking up info today on "hot jobs" for an instructor at the college here. I stumble across the article from US News & World Report that lists the best jobs to have in 2006. Most are sort of obvious: pharmicist, professor, occupational therapist. And then, there's clergy. Not a specific type mind, just men of the cloth. Since that's such a coherent group, right? I mean, isn't there a big gap between being a celibate Catholic priest who has to tell his parishoners that birth control is evil and a Pentecostal preacher who needs to pull down miracles on a weekly basis? Oh, and what if you don't believe in God? Well, according to USN&WR, that's no big deal.

Want the satisfaction of doing good? You'll routinely play a significant role in major life events such as birth, marriage, crisis, and death. Plus this career offers status, normally modest work hours, and often good salaries. You needn't necessarily have unquestioned faith in God. I've spoken with a number of clergy who have deep questions about the nature and even existence of a Supreme Being.
Ah, yes, modest work hours. Just a sermon or two on Sunday and then any other time your congregants need you, which won't be too often because not believing in God will make you much less helpful than your average palm reader.

To be fair, the author also grossly misunderstands what librarians do, urges becoming a veterinarian because there's less legal oversight, and tells you not to worry that firefighters are ranked number 14th most likely to die on the job. Great advice overall.


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