cross-border fruit relations


If there's one thing I miss about my Great Canadian Experience, it is the live-and-let-live-shrug-your-shoulders-if-that's-what-makes-you-happy approach to interaction. However, if I'm allowed two things, which I think is not an unreasonable demand, number two would be FruitSource bars. For my American readers, see the promotional materials here.

These little delights are essentially fruit that has been liquefied and then pressed back into bar form by the power of pectin. Pretty much, they are jam sticks. And, as you can imagine jam stick to be, they are delicious, sticky and satisfying in a way that no American-produced natural fruit snack can compare to. And believe me, I've looked. Or rather, I've tried the various alternatives sold by a number of local health food stores and consistently been disappointed.

I've wanted to get my hands on some FruitSource for a long time and my recent, annual streak of less-than-healthy nostalgia has put this into high gear. Not high enough, though, for me to cough up 48 bucks for 30 of them, as is possible through Only in Canada. That seems too closing to gouging for me. And I'd call the Canadian import store in Provo, but I'm not sure I can justify the hour's drive south. [You read that right, Provo, UT is home to what I assume is the only Canadian import store in the US. BYU, located in that town, has more Canadian students than any other university in the States.]

I guess I have two questions here: A. does anyone know of an American product that comes near to replicating FruitSource? B. Is anyone in Canada interested in sending me some and being repaid on a cost basis?


Hildegarde said...
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Hildegarde said...

First of all, ouch. Second, I love pomegranate!! And third, I am going down to Happy Valley to visit clients next week.

Kasie said...

Really, you like those? yuck! Although, admittedly, it has been years since I have tried these fruit-smashed type bars.

I would love to send you some though! I can check the local grocery stores tomorrow to see what kind of selection they have. I am sure they sell them, it is just that I am in a small town, and sometimes the selection is not the best. If not, there is a larger Superstore over in the next town. :D

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