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My sister is in town, visiting from Portland. She lives in a world where, when it's cold outside, you heat your house. Sadly, for all involved, this is not the case with my parents' house. They do heat it, but only between 6am and 10pm. In the night, the temperature plunges to the very low 60s. She was discussing this with my folks yesterday when my mom said to her, "E. maybe you're just not worth it."

Apparently, my mom meant to say that my sister isn't used to the cold temperatures. Still, though, pretty crazy Freudian slip there, huh?


Robert said...

On an only tangentially related note, our heat was not working at all this winter until about Christmas-time. It was fixed right before we left for the holiday, and when we got back it was about 89 degrees in our apartment (no exaggeration), despite the thermostat being at the lowest possible setting. That was good times.

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