Taking the scenic route


If the recent storms to lay Zion low weren't enough to proclaim to you an impending apocalypse, consider this: on a list of GLBT films by so-called "experts" Latter Days came in third. That's right, apparently the gays have only made two better films about their plights. Though, to be fair, the highly overrated Brokeback is what took first place.

Said list is found in one of the books I recently acquired for my library. It's a sort of best of the best list by mood or time of life. And the authors were obviously told to flesh out the text. So, we not only get the standard Christmas, Easter, Graduation sorts but also a whole list for National Grandparents Day, another for Chinese New Year, a set of movies about buying a new house, and a group devoted to telling the ups and down of the Derby season. Yeah, this was published and thereafter purchased by my library. I'd be more embarrassed if I wasn't such a fiend for lists. I honestly cannot get enough. It may be pathological.

In completely unrelated news: I'm uppity about folks who use the title "professor" without having earned the distinction through the completion of a PhD and the struggle for tenure. Also, I'm as big a fan of President Hinckley as the next guy, but his death and funeral have been front page news in both the Tribune and the DesNews for the past three days and he still takes up over half the nightly news broadcast. I wonder when the death-of-a-prophet fatigue will set in.


annie (the annilygreen one) said...

isn't 'professor' just the thing you call them if they haven't yet earned 'doctor'?

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